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  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental protection refers to the general term for various actions taken to solve practical or potential environmental problems, to coordinate the relationship between human and environment, and to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society.
    In recent years, the state regards energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection as the focus of current macroeconomic regulation and control, and serves as a breakthrough in adjusting the economic structure and changing the way of growth. The laws and regulations on environmental protection are becoming more and more perfect, including the national environmental protection law, the prevention and control of air pollution law, the law on the prevention and control of noise pollution, the law on the prevention and control of the environmental pollution of solid waste, the standard for the comprehensive discharge of sewage, the standard for the comprehensive emission of air pollutants and so on. A wide range of opinions is being consulted. At the same time, the state related law enforcement departments have also increased the intensity of supervision and punishment. All parts of the country have shut down all kinds of enterprises with high energy consumption and large pollution. Last year, the environmental protection law enforcement department of Zhongshan combined with other related departments to investigate and deal with the key polluting enterprises.
    Although the problem of energy saving and emission reduction in adhesive industry is not as prominent as other big chemical industries, there are still some problems, mainly waste water, waste, waste gas emission, serious toxic and harmful products in the product, the quality of work environment is not up to the standard, noise is disturbing people and other questions. The enterprises in this industry should take the social responsibility seriously, strictly abide by the international related policies and regulations, prevent the occurrence of major pollution incidents, prohibit the discharge of the three wastes at random, ensure the realization of the national energy saving and emission reduction targets, and contribute to the protection of the environment.


    Compliance With Environmental Development
    Prevent environmental pollution
    Reduce energy consumption
    Promote cleaner production