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    Mirror Sticker
    Coated Paper Sticker
    Book Paper Sticker
    Aluminium-foil Stciker
    Polyester (Tetoron)
    PE Film Sticker
    PP Pearl Paper Sticker
    Synthetic Paper Sticker
    Function Sticker
    Glassine Release Paper
    PEK Release Paper
    Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
    BOPP Lamination Film
    Super transparent BOPP film tape


    · High transparency

    · Good surface evenness

    · Waterproof and anti oil

    · Use: It is suitable for increasing the surface gloss and protecting  the label after printing, and cold mounting without heating.

    · Meet the EU ROHS and REACH

    Varieties Base Material Film Thickness Peel Force(N/25mm) Stick(min) Effective Width
    CD 23 3-4 ≥3 ≥600 970mm
    DN 23 6-7 ≥3 ≥600 970mm
    JN 23 9-10 ≥3 ≥600 970mm
    SW 23 11-12 ≥4 ≥600 970mm
    TN 23 17-18 ≥4 ≥600 970mm

    The above is the measured value, the non guaranteed value, for reference only

    Note: special products can be customized according to customer's needs