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    Mirror Sticker
    Coated Paper Sticker
    Book Paper Sticker
    Aluminium-foil Stciker
    Polyester (Tetoron)
    PE Film Sticker
    PP Pearl Paper Sticker
    Synthetic Paper Sticker
    Function Sticker
    Glassine Release Paper
    PEK Release Paper
    Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
    Glassine release paper


    · High transparency, good stiffness and dimensional stability

    · Meet automatic labeling operation

    · The smoothness is good, the silicone oil layer is covered evenly, and the force is stable.

    · High temperature resistant performance excellent

    · Suitable for liner of anti-fake labels and general labels 

    General Color General Weight General Width
    White 60g、78g 1010;1090



     General stripping force and control range and application of Glaxin detached paper
    Strip Level Value range Residual adhesion Silicon oil coating use
    Ultralight stripping 3-6 85 No Solvent Applicable to identify electronic, electrical, digital cosmetics and other products of various Anti-Counterfeiting, Fidelity labels; Roller Printing and Automatic Labelling
    Light stripping 6-15 85 Solvent free, solvent type Suitable for general trademark paper labels, special tape composite punching, etc..
    Medium stripping 15-30 85 Solvent type Suitable for film label bottom paper with strong material stiffness or for label with low stripping strength.
    Severe stripping ≥30 85 Solvent type Suitable for special film label paper bottom paper and medical ointment isolation paper

    Note: The above is the value of our experience, not the absolute value. Customers need to select suitable off-type materials according to their own product design before choosing.





    Application Area / Ultra-light stripping level


    · Security, Fidelity labels(electronic, electrical, digital and cosmetic)

    · Roller printing

    · Auto Label




    Application Area / Light stripping level



    Use of General Trademark Paper Labels



    · Use of special adhesive tape for composite punching




    Application Area / Middle stripping level


    · Membrane trademark paper label bottom paper with strong material stiffness


    · Remove lower strength labels with base paper




    Application Area / Severe stripping level


    · Special membrane trademark paper label bottom paper


    · Medical ointment isolation paper

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