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    Solvent polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive V01


    • Excellent initial stickiness

    • 180 degrees of high peel strength

    • Water resistance and solvent resistance

    • Non corrosive

    Uses: all kinds of foam rubber sponge, EVA foam and other substrates for the use of adhesive tape; trademark paper, double-sided adhesive tape and other adhesive products production.

     Name:Solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive V01
    Solid content(%) 37.5±1 Viscosity(CPS) 1800-2800
    Drying temperature 90-110 Coating thickness 25-28
    Initial adhesion(Steel ball number) ≥14#    180°Peeling force(N/25mm) ≥14
    Sticking force(min) ≥300      
     Use:Clear and transparent,Three forces good balance,Peeling strength is strong,It is suitable for transparent labels, and other tape, labels which require high adhesive force。