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  • Adhesive Encyclopedia
    Waterproof packaging coated paper
    Adhesive Encyclopedia / 2019-04-19


    Polyethylene (PE particles) are changed into liquid flowing glue through high temperature, and coated on the surface of paper through professional roller equipment. After being treated by cooling equipment, flowing polyethylene is evenly and firmly combined with paper, which is what we usually call coated paper.

    The PE material covered on the paper surface has good tensile toughness, so the film flour has the function of protecting products from scratches.  The membrane surface has been tested by water and is impermeable to air and water and has a good moisture-proof effect.  The film flour can be heat sealed after high frequency or high temperature of 130-200 degrees Celsius, and is suitable for manufacturing into bagged packaging materials.  Coated paper is most widely used in industry, involving paper packaging, printing and industrial plate packaging.