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  • Adhesive Encyclopedia
    Method for Solving Bad Adhesion of Double-sided Adhesive Tape.
    Adhesive Encyclopedia / 2019-04-12


    1. Adjust the thickness of the glue of the double-sided adhesive tape.  For example, the thickness of the original double-sided adhesive tape is about 60U or less, then we can adjust it to more than 80U, such as 100U, 130U, etc.  In this way, after the thickness of the glue becomes thicker, the adhesive property of the adhesive tape will naturally become stronger.
    2. Adjust the glue composition of the double-sided adhesive tape.  For some customers, the temperature tolerance of double-sided adhesive tape is required to be relatively high, and the frequently used environment is minus 10 to 20 degrees. Under such conditions, we generally recommend customers to use the composition of oily double-sided adhesive tape.  Because the glue of the oil-based double-sided adhesive tape has high and low temperature resistance, that is to say, the viscosity of the double-sided adhesive tape of this composition is not affected by too low a temperature, and the viscosity of the adhesive tape is changed.