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  • Industry news
    Classification of paper self-adhesive label paper.
    Industry news / 2019-04-10


    1, glossy paper (coated paper and mirror coated paper) 
    Mirror coated paper is high gloss, coated paper is medium gloss.  They are commonly used materials in Barcode printer, and their thickness is generally about 80g/m2.  It is suitable for information labels of drugs, food, edible oil, alcohol, beverages, electrical appliances and cultural products.
    2. Matt paper
    With matte effect, classic or original style of expression is good.  Matt paper mainly includes ordinary, coated and smooth matt paper.  Generally used as multi-purpose label paper for information label label printer.

    3, aluminum foil sticker 
    It is especially suitable for embossing, multi-color product label paper and high-grade information labels for drugs, food and cultural products.