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  • Industry news
    Application of Moisture-proof Coated Paper.
    Industry news / 2019-04-03


    Moistureproof coated paper is a common one among many coated papers and is widely used in the packaging industry.  It is waterproof and oil-proof. It is a kind of coated paper commonly used for food packaging.  With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, many businesses have shed the former oil-proof plastic paper and replaced it with waterproof coated paper. The application scope of coated paper has become more and more extensive.

    Moistureproof coated paper is mostly used in food. In food, coated paper is often seen.  It can also be seen in the industrial packaging industry.  It is one of the types of coated paper. Besides the flat plate, there is also a winding drum. It has the characteristics of good oil-proof effect and can prevent oil from permeating. On the basis of base paper, food-grade Pe coating is carried out.  It uses safe pe film and advanced film spraying technology to spray different grams of film on the base paper.