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  • Company news
    Congratulations to our products won Guangdong high-tech products honorary certificate.
    Company news / 2018-07-19

        After being reviewed by the Guangdong Provincial Association of High-tech Enterprises, our company has been recognized as an honorary title for high-tech products in Guangdong Province. This fully reflects our product quality policy of "creating high quality and serving you as one". Always adhere to the quality of products to open up the market, service to create brand reputation. Insisting on the service spirit of continuously satisfying customers 'individual needs, in order to assist customers to achieve their goals, and widely carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with well-known companies at home and abroad in order to achieve the concept of complementarity and common development.

        Through the recognition of this honor, further improve the market visibility of our products, in the future work, our Division will certainly make great achievements, for the social development to make due contributions, strive to be a first-class non-dry rubber enterprises and struggle!